Predictive maintenance

The focus is on machine avail­ability: Use the condition monitoring features of our positioning systems and other functions.

Predictive maintenance is designed to keep our products and the connected components in good condition and thus ensure your machines operate with the minimum trouble possible. Our 3-series positioning systems generate a wide range of diagnostic messages that enable you to take action quickly, identifying and solving the problem before a fault occurs in machine operation. A selection of the diagnostic messages can be found here.

Condition monitoring | self monitoring

The availability of the machine is the focus supported by condition monitoring. If the control unit detects that a machine could have a problem before a malfunction occurs, it can take pre-emptive action. The 3-series positioning systems therefore generate a wide range of diagnostic messages for predictive maintenance. A selection of these are presented on this page.

Possibilities of condition monitoring

Diagnostic messages of the positioning systems PSx 3 series

Überwachung der Temperatur

Temperature monitoring

The temperature is monitored to protect the drive and other components. If the temperature exceeds or falls below a limit value, the motor is switched off immediately.

Anzahl der Fahrtrichtungswechsel

Number of changes of direction

Number of changes of direction: This function counts the number of changes in the direction of rotation during a movement or when a new movement starts in the other direction.

Kontinuierliche Überwachung des Spannungspegels

Continuous monitoring of the voltage level

The PSx 3-series positioning systems deliberately ignore very short “spikes” but report all over- and under-supplies that exceed a specified duration. Thus, they can detect faults in the power supply before damage or downtime occurs.

Kontinuierliche Überwachung der Stromaufnahme & des Drehmoments

Continuous monitoring of power consumption & torque

This function prevents the positioning system from being overloaded and protects the application in specific ways, e.g. against the effects of excessive torque. Basically, any deviation from the normal values stored in the control system can indicate a malfunction.

Minimieren des Schleppfehlers

Minimize drag error

Optimum adjustment of the actual position with regard to the specified target position is a central quality feature of the PSx 3-series. If the control unit detects that one positioning system is falling behind, it accelerates it in order to minimise “drag error”. The drag error monitor is also used to provide early warnings.

Strom-aktive Zeit Integral

Current-active time integral 

This value shows the load that the drive has had to provide so far. Every second during a run, the control unit adds up the latest motor current values, i.e. the torque that the drive currently has to provide.

Anzahl der Fehler

Number of errors

The control unit counts the number of error bits set in the status.

Possible errors:

  • Blocking error
  • No motor voltage
  • Manual rotation
  • Temperature too high
  • Incorrect target value
  • Invalid positioning specification
Maximales Drehmoment

Maximum torque 

This value indicates the maximum torque that has occurred so far, i.e. the highest value measured since the drive was delivered.

Aktive Betriebszeit

Active operating time

This specifies the time in minutes during which the control voltage was applied.

Anzahl der Positionierungen

Number of positioning run

This value indicates the number of times that the drive has started from a standstill.

Aktive Zeit

Active time

This value indicates the number of times that the drive has started from a standstill.

Gefahrene Strecke

 Distance travelled

This counts the number of revolutions that the drive has run so far.

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