We create your product: from design & development to the manufacturing process and everything that goes with it.

From your idea to the product: We unite mechanical design, electronic development, software programming and all production-related processes under one roof! Our catalogue products are just the beginning. Discover the diverse possibilities of our customised products, adapted perfectly to your needs. Discover more about our quality, time and cost considerations and our product development process. Work with us to create the most effective and efficient product for use in your market. Tailored precisely to the specific requirements of your application.

We create your customised product

In addition to manufacturing our standardised products, we produce your individual solutions in two different ways:

Product modi­ficationmade-to-measure engineering

We reconcile your individual product requirements with the need to be able to offer it at a series price.

You choose a basic product from the range of variants in our catalogue. We define the individual components according to your ideas and wishes. Since our product groups are based on a modular principle, we can perform customer-specific adjustments without having to develop the product from scratch. We can use and adapt existing manufacturing and material supply processes.

New development – custom-made products

We can also do more than modify existing products. We can use our many years of experience and know-how from various applications to help you develop and implement solutions that are tailored to your individual needs, including OEM products on request.

We will be happy to create this very specific solution together with you, so that the end product corresponds exactly to your wishes and requirements. Despite the higher development costs, customer-specific products like these offer you the opportunity to operate more cost-effectively in series production, since they are developed and manufactured precisely for your application.

Consideration of quality, time and cost

QTCProduct modificationNew development
QualityWe use proven technology and established manufacturing processes to achieve a high level of quality.We use our experience and knowledge of applications to supply you with the optimal product. Our structured product development process with various milestones and gates ensures we achieve a high level of reliability.
TimeAccess to good supplies of existing components, intelligent combinations of these components and agile development methods enable us to achieve very short development times. We can deliver series products quickly by making minor adjustments to existing manufacturing processes.By using agile methods and our expertise in design, electronics and software development, we deliver reliable developments in a reasonable time frame. During the development phase for new products we pay attention to ensuring good manufacturability and develop the required workstations parallel to the product.
CostThe costs for our modular system products are distributed over a large number of customers. This allows us to offer customer-specific adaptations at an attractive price.Higher development costs can be offset by providing better integration into the application and specific manufacturing processes.

Our goal is to understand and grasp the customer's wishes before the manufacturing process even begins. This is why we communicate openly and closely with you throughout the entire service creation process. You always act as our partner. This means that you are actively involved in the design of the products you receive and have a direct influence on the process and the result.

Product development process (PDP)

Creating a product is not only a matter of excellent technical data – cost-effective manufacturability and optimum availability in the customer's facility are also important goals. From the smallest component to the ideal packaging: the finished product represents the sum total of many considerations. Customers often want concrete estimates of work and costs at an early stage.

That's why we work as a team with all the experts from the affected divisions as early as possible. In doing so, we use a guided project management and our structured communication channels. Throughout the various phases, we address the key questions of the moment and work on them in exactly the right framework.

Structured communication with our experts

Using a structured process helps us to ensure that nothing slips under the radar for us – and therefore also for you. It enables us to identify and discuss problematic issues at an early stage. Rapid, regulated development of ideas and concepts is also part of the process, so that a product becomes tangible even before series materials and tools are used.

Outstanding manufacturing processes

Development and design are not the only crucial factors in success: the development process also considers the manufacturing of the products to ensure that series production is cost-effective and error-free.

Here, the production process and provision of materials are optimised for the order units and batch sizes. We also consider optimal manufacturability in terms of ergonomics and best-point provision. If necessary, our line and standard workstations can be prepared or adapted.

Sample construction and inspection and testing

We use suitable, defined test scenarios for each product maturity level. Even during the development process, we test concepts using functional samples. During prototyping, we create the first prototypes and test critical functions without blocking the production departments.

As part of the manufacturing process, our finished products are also tested via a defined final inspection. In addition, we prove the technical data of our products through life cycle tests and commission external test laboratories to certify special requirements (e.g. NRTL, STO or IP), if required.

Our industries & applications

Find out more about where our products are used in our user reports.

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