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What makes us different: We are united by our enthusiasm for technical projects with maximum customer focus.

We create customer-specific solutions. In addition to intelligent, mechatronic drives, we develop customer-specific solutions for measuring the smallest pressures in gases. Get to know us, the Halstrup-Walcher Group and learn more about our company history. For over 75 years, we have been constantly evolved. We always keep our tailor-made mission statement and our quality/environmental and lean management in mind and keep it: Made-in-Germany.




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Halstrup-Walcher Group

Walcher Meßtechnik GmbH from Kirchzarten near Freiburg is the parent company of halstrup-walcher GmbH and halstrup-walcher S.r.l..

halstrup-walcher GmbH

halstrup-walcher GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes products and customised solutions in the following areas:

  • Positioning systems for automated format adjustments in mechanical engineering projects
  • Drive solutions
  • Pressure measurement technology for cleanroom, HVAC and OEM applications
  • Calibration services for the measurement parameter pressure
  • Development services for mechanical, electronic and software applications

halstrup-walcher S.r.l.

Historically, Italy represents one of our most important target markets as the country with the second largest turnover volume in the mechanical engineering sector in Europe.

Our Italian customers have therefore been served by halstrup-walcher S.r.l., based in Milan, since 2017. The local team distributes all halstrup-walcher GmbH products.

People at halstrup-walcher

Our mission statement

We at the Halstrup-Walcher Group deliver high-quality products and services for the measurement and drive technology industries throughout the world. 

We stand for German precision, innovation, team spirit, and strict compliance with dead­lines. We have worked out our mission statement together with our employees:

Open communication

Our basic principles inform everything we do, and we foster a spirit of open communication.

We champion freedom of expression, freedom from violence and collaboration free of discrimination.

Our business operations are characterized by discipline, reliability and responsibility.

Our communications are respectful, transparent and honest.

We address mistakes and concerns openly and directly.


We work as a team in which each and every individual contribution is important. 

We treat each other with respect and consideration.

We encourage and expect individual expertise, abilities and skills.

We consider private and professional development to be factors for success.

We provide mutual support. Enjoying our work is important to all of us.

Economic efficiency

We secure our present and future with cost-effective business practices and qualified employees.

We achieve our aims through practices that are both cost-effective and results-oriented.

We are a family-owned business. Channelling our earnings into investments and into the economic security of Kirchzarten, Germany, simply goes without saying.

We offer flexible work models that meet the needs of customers and employees alike.

We consider professional development, training and continuous improvement to be important goals, both for the company and for individuals.


We take responsibiliy for ourselves, for our company and for the environment. 

We actively promote the health and welfare of our employees based on their needs and going over and above legal requirements.

We protect the environment by using resources effectively and efficiently.

We support select social projects in our region.

Agreeing on and complying with rules and processes means we can depend on each other.

Corporate Social Responsibility / Code of Conduct

The mission statement is part of a comprehensive Code of Conduct on the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For more information, please refer to the following document:

For inquiries about our approach to social responsibility and compliance, send us an email at:

What we mean by quality

We want you to be completely satisfied with all our products and services. That’s why we focus on achieving the highest quality standards. Naturally, our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. We develop, design and manufacture our products at our headquarters in Kirchzarten. During these processes, we ensure that we use resources responsibly and sustainably. Our environmental management system is certified in accordance with ISO 14001. To ensure our high quality products remain competitive, we have introduced lean management.

Quality management
Environmental management
Lean management

Aspects of the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

halstrup-walcher’s quality management system has been regularly certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1996. Its certification is compliant with the revisions introduced in 2015.

ISO 9001-Icon
  • Living tradition of process management
  • Risk management
  • Product traceability via serial numbers
  • Living tradition of continuous improvement
  • Culture of honesty regarding mistakes
  • Key quality data and quality targets in shop floor management
  • We consider quality in various aspects of guiding principles.

The process of our quality assurance measures


  • with testing area
  • with our own EMC laboratory


  • with methodological expertise
  • internal audits
  • inter­mediate tests
  • final inspection with documentation
  • incoming goods inspection with CAQ system


  • with 8D analysis
  • short throuhput times

Environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015


Companies have a responsibility to conduct their business in a way that is sustainable and protects the environment. Certification in accordance with ISO 14001 confirms that halstrup-walcher considers environmental aspects in all its processes and corporate decisions

The ISO 14001:2015 certificate for environmental management systems aims to improve environmental protection and reduce pollution. It confirms that a company is taking a responsible approach to environmental standards in every aspect of its processes and corporate decision-making.

  • It proves that a company is taking a responsible approach to environmental standards in every aspect of its processes and corporate decision-making
  • Corporate environmental protection above and beyond legal requirements
  • Specified environmental targets
  • Nomination of an environmental officer and quality management team
  • Implementation planning (e.g. training staff in sustainable business practices)
  • Achievements in 2015: Participation in the ECOfit project (basis of focused environmental management)
  • 2021: MobilSiegel award for climate-friendly mobility on the way to work

Establishment of lean management

In 2009, we introduced a lean management system to reinforce our market position through achieving outstanding punctuality, quality and costs. Methods such as the continuous improvement process, shop floor management, 5S, one piece flow, etc. have been a part of our daily working lives ever since. Here we would like to introduce you to some of the tools we use to create better processes and work flows.

Milestones of lean management at halstrup-walcher
Milestones of lean management at halstrup-walcher

5S and SMED

Avoiding waste is one of the key tenets of lean management and an area in which every employee can contribute. Everyone feels the benefits of a clean and orderly workplace (5S) and optimisation of setup times (SMED).

Order and cleanness at the workplace – the 5S cycle
Order and cleanness at the workplace – the 5S cycle

Pull-production and one-piece-flow

Our supposedly utopian goal was to reduce delivery times from an average of 30 working days to 1-2 working days. This is why we build a one piece flow with 100% material availability for defined small-scale series production. The associated principles with this, such as pull manufacturing, kanban systems and paperless production orders, also contribute to reducing throughput times. This is how we are transforming a utopian vision into reality.

Pull production and one-piece flow using the example of a production line
Pull production and one-piece flow using the example of a production line

Shop floor management

Shop floor management plays a key role in lean management at halstrup-walcher. All our employees gather every day for a departmental meeting on the shop floor. Here, they collect and evaluate current and relevant key data regarding quality, deadlines and costs. Current topics are addressed through concise and effective communication.

Measures for eliminating these issues immediately and permanently are discussed and agreed at follow-up meetings in the company. These take into account all the relevant information.

Everyone contributes, no problem is ignored. Solutions to the problems are implemented without delay.

Our location in 

From the idea to the finished product. In our two plants in Kirchzarten in close proximity to each other, we have all our employees in one place. Thanks to the short communication channels, we are thus able to react very quickly to short-term (changes in) customer requirements.

Plant 1: Stegener Straße 10

Werk 1

Plant 2: Ottenstraße 2

Werk 2


From precision drive and sensor technology to complete mechatronic and metrological systems. Since 1946 in strong family hands – since 1990 by the Walcher family. Rooted in the Dreisamtal valley between the Black Forest and the Rhine plain near Freiburg im Breisgau. High-tech products – Made-in-Germany.


Expansion of the development department and production


Expansion of sales in Italy with own subsidiary halstrup-walcher S.r.l. Audited environmental management: initial certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001


The new “Plant II” production facility is dedicated. Located on Ottenstraße 2, the plant offers 3,100 square meters of floor space


Lean Management is introduced and the value-creation team is born


Production area is expanded and the central high-bay warehouse built


Passing of the torch at halstrup-walcher. Jürgen Walcher becomes the new CEO


The company is renamed halstrup-walcher GmbH


New building with an expanded production area; the company moves into the facility at Stegener Straße 10


The company enters the field of mechatronics, specializing in positioning systems


Certified quality management: Initial certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001


Entered into the processor technology business: first device with P92 microprocessor


Dr. Hans Walcher acquires Erwin Halstrup Multur GmbH. The establishment of the new parent company, Walcher Meßtechnik GmbH, results in the formation of the Halstrup-Walcher Group


The company is renamed Erwin Halstrup Multur GmbH


The company enters the electronics sector and starts to develop and manufacture electronic pressure instruments for small differential pressures


The company relocates to Kirchzarten. In subsequent years, the production program switches from electromedicine to gear technology


Foundation of the company by Erwin Halstrup in Freiburg, for the manufacture of electromedical equipment

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